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All Those Words We Never Say... :: Dr. Miranda Foster/Three Rivers Fansite

This is a part of ATWWNS, a site that focuses on Miranda Foster, Kate Moennig's character on the CBS drama series Three Rivers as well as the Shane/Jenny (Shenny) pairing from her former series The L Word. (That part of the site can be found here.) This part is relatively new but aims to become a place for both old and new Kate fans to hang out, discuss and be creative. We have sections for fanfiction, fanart and a forum which are shared with the Shenny site but also 3R-specific sections, and you can find them all in the menu above.

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Site Updates & Announcements

Three Rivers Screencaps: 1x01-1x04

 - (Oct 28, 2009)

Screencaps for the first 4 episodes are up and can be found here.

1x06 and 1x04 Episode Stills Added

 - (Oct 28, 2009)

Added some new stills to the gallery and updated the episode list. (Credit: &

Gallery and Episode List update

 - (Oct 11, 2009)

Have updated the episode list and added pics from 1x01-1x03 to the episode stills gallery. (Credit: & Still working on the screencaps for 1x01, but they'll be up soon.

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Random Story

The Cure - PG-13

 by lilpinkchainsaw
Set at the tail end of 3R1x02, Doctor Miranda Foster is still brooding over the events of the night, but somebody's got a cure for her.

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